Looking after your Rapture Hair Extensions

Looking after your Rapture Hair Extensions

You’ve just got a gorgeous new style with Rapture hair extensions giving length and volume so how are you going to look after them?

Remember you have much more hair and possibly hair of a different texture, so you must take care with its grooming. Also your extensions will not benefit from the oils secreted into your natural hair. Before washing make sure your hair is completely tangle free using a wide toothed comb and use a quality professional shampoo and conditioner.

    • Do not rub or twist wet hair as this can cause tangling when washing and blot the hair after washing – don’t rub. Never brush the hair between the scalp and the hair extension join and always start brushing and combing at the bottom of your hair, gently working up to the extension joint. Never snatch or pull the hair excessively as this can weaken the extension bond.
    • When shampooing do not scrub or use circular motions to wash your hair, instead gently squeeze the shampoo through the hair, using your fingers to gently cleanse the scalp area working around the bonds.
    • When drying your hair gently blot it dry with a towel, do not rub or twist it in a towel as this can cause breakage and matting. When blowdrying your hair use a medium to low setting on your hairdryer and never put the hairdryer directly onto your hair as this can superheat the extensions bond.
    • Do NOT let hot curling tongs come in contact with the extension joint and do not use a heat greater than 190c – always leave approx 4cms between the bond and your heated appliance to stop any radiated heat affecting the bond. We also recommend you use a thermal defence product on the midlengths to ends to protect your hair from heat.
    • When swimming or exercising tie your hair back with a scrunchie to prevent tangling. Please be aware that the salt in sea water and the chemicals in a swimming pool can cause colour change to both your own hair and the extensions so always rinse your hair in fresh water immediately after swimming.
    • Please be careful on holiday to hot destinations and avoid spraying sun cream on your extensions – many contain ingredients which may cause the extensions to take on a pink/peach hue.Your bonds may also become very hot under a hat so let them return to a normal temperature before styling, washing etc.
    • We also recommend you keep your hair well conditioned – don’t forget your extensions will not benefit from your own natural oils. Use a scrunchie at night to tie back your hair so stop it from tangling and prevent the extensions being pulled and trapped around your body.
    • Remember that we naturally lose up to 100 hairs a day and some of this naturally shed hair will be trapped in the bonds so don’t be alarmed when your extensions are removed!

Your Rapture hair extensions are a professional salon product and should never be applied or removed by anyone who is not qualified to use the product as incorrect application, maintenance or removal can cause damage to you own hair and scalp.

If properly looked after you extensions can be removed and re-applied several times as your own hair grows.